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Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to build a VR tour business or an enthusiastic hobbyist, here are five easy steps on how to get started with Transported.

1. Get a camera

Unless you’re an architect or designer who can generate equirectangular renderings from 3D software, you’ll need to have a 360° camera to capture spaces. We’ve done some extensive testing on a number of these cameras, and have bundled them into kits with our software. Shop now and save. Or review our recommendations on other cameras.

2. Shoot your first tour

Once you have your camera in your hands, it’s time to shoot your first tour. But wait! Before you do, take a few minutes to review our best practices guide to capturing spaces for Transported. Our cofounder Matt Hood walks you through a few tips and tricks to make your first tour look and work great in VR.

3. Get Transported

Now that you have images, you should sign up for a FREE trial of Transported. Your trial will last for 30 days, which should give you enough time to evaluate us. Once you’ve signed up and downloaded Transported Creator, take a couple of minutes to review its documentation.

4. Make your first tour

After you’ve signed up, you’re now ready to create your first tour. Import the images from your camera. Organize and name your scenes. Connect them using waypoints. And voila! You’ve made your first tour. Publish it to check it out in VR and on the web.

5. Build your business

Transported is here to help you succeed. Certified Transported Service Partners receive leads of customers in their area looking to get a tour shot and created. Contact us to learn more about becoming a Transported Certified Service Partner.

That’s it! Our knowledge base has everything you need to learn how to sell your services and build a business creating VR tours. Contact us via chat or email at any time. We’re here to make sure you’re successful.

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